In the middle of August I went on my first street photography vacation. Starting with the train in Diepholz, I arrived in Prague over 10 hours later in the evening. As so often, I also visited the metro stations in a new city. After a little research beforehand, which metro stations would be suitable for my series "4 photos in 4 stations", I drove to each of the stations for a few hours on one day and tried to show the station from four different angles. The metro in Prague was very interesting and I had a lot of fun. I particularly liked the "Strizkov" station with its large glass dome. 
All in all, one can say that the Prague Metro has a lot more to offer than this selection can show to get off at various stations to take photos. I also made a small YouTube video of it, which can be found at the end of the article or can be viewed here. 
Here are the four pictures that I personally found most interesting at the respective stations:
Station: Prosek
Station: Strizkov
Station: Ladvi
Station: Andel
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