In the middle of last year I came across the Fuji X Passion website. This site was created by two portuguese photographers, Mauricio and Hugo, to publish inspiring articles from people around the world who use the Fuji X system. This covers all genres within photography. Whether wedding, nature, landscape, documentary or street photography.
I kept following the site, bought the digital magazine too, and enjoyed reading reports from other photographers who also work with a Fuji X. At the end of 2020 I wrote them an email and asked how one can be featured on the homepage or in the digital magazine. Are the writers selected or can I also offer myself? I briefly told something about myself and sent my homepage link within the mail. I got a nice and detailed answer very quickly. After the viewed my portfolio and videos, the two of them wanted to present my work on the website. The article should concentrate on my black and white street photos if possible, but that was not a mandatory requirement. They sent me key questions for my article that I could use if I wanted to. This was not a must either, but gave me a good orientation on how to structure the article. 
So I wrote an article and picked out some pictures. This time the article includes some photos from my early days in Asia, when I discovered street photography for myself. After that, the article focuses on my minimalist and high contrast black and white images from 2020. The article can be read here.
Support the great work that Mauricio and Hugo are doing here. You have put together a really great magazine that has a lot of followers.
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